what is primal/paleo?

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For me primal means getting as close to your maximum potential as possible - in health, fitness, love and play, relationships... as well as living your life as close to nature as it is possible in this urbanised world:

1) enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, and if not, getting enough functional excercise indoors - heavy lifting, sprinting, dancing, playing.

2) cooking your own food and using as organic and uncontaminated rawmaterials as possible and ofcourse avoiding most of neolithic foods.
I definately avoid:
    - vegetable oils
    - sugar and fructose  (yes, that means all fruits except berries)
    - all grains
    - all legumes and most nightshades
    - most starches
    - anything processed
    - anything that has more than 1 - 2 ingredients
 I use in excess
    - saturated animal fat
    - coconut
    - meat of all kind
    - eggs
    - organs
I use more sparingly
    - vegetables
    - macadamia nuts
    - high fat dairy products
My  few allowed vices are
    -  coffee
    -  dark (>80%) chocolate with chili
    -  red wine

3) using less energy on stress, work, unnecessary relationships and concentrating on what really matters in life - your loved ones, the interests and hobbies that you are passionate about, love and play.