Thursday, January 26, 2012

an update on the workout front

 4 weeks done on the program and i have added weight on several lifts:

deadlifts: manage 2 sets of four with 90 kg
goblet squats: 2 16kg kettlebells and normal squat: 70 kg below parallel 5 x 5
db benchpress: 4 x 8/6 21 kg dbs
incline benchpress: same set and weights
narrow bench: 4 x 8/6 45kg

pullups: 3 x 5 with 8 kg added
bb rows: 4 x 8/6 75kg
single hand rows: 4 x 8 31 kg dbs
pullovers: 3 x 8 26 kg
military press: 3 x 8 35 kg
delt rows: same sets and weight
EZbar curls: 4 x 8/6 30 kg

I still adding weights/reps every time so i think ill stay another 4 weeks with this program. getting bored with a program is never my problem, and definately not the issue with this one either - im having a really good time with it actually.
Ive added windowwipers for abs and some cable rotations for the obliques. also i do a normal bb squat on massdays and gobletsquats on volumetraining days.

tell me about your workoutprograms guys, how often do you mix it up,  or do you just go by your gutfeeling?

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