Friday, February 17, 2012

not wanting it enough

I know this is going to be a confrontational post, one that will get many dislikes for sure, but i have been thinking about this a lot, discussing this with everybody i have come to contact with lately.
Fitness, nutrition, antiaging and actively studying anything and everything to do with that is a very big part of my daily life. It has nothing whatsoever to do with my actual dayjob - it is all a "hobby" you could say. So is helping other people out. I put lots of effort into it, lots of time and passion. I literally spend at least 2 hours daily reading up on the newest goingons in biochemistry, molecular biology, evolutionary medicine and exercise physiology. I want to be able to say with honesty that when i give out info to people i have done my best and i don`t just sprout broscience around. Real science works. I`m living proof. The thing is, i have come into contact with some people that really need to make a change, not just for looks, but for serious health issues. I have given them the results of this 12 years n=1 journey of experiment and study... and what happens? They listen, nod and at the same time i feel like i`m reading their minds... there is no way they will ever even give this a chance, give themselves a chance. When people just quit on me when they dont get a sixpack in a week then i get frustrated because for the life of me i cant make myself understand - why don`t they want it enough??!!  I hear the same things all over again - i cant really commit to it now, there are lots of birthdays coming up, vacations, weddings. They are so busy at work, with children.. etc etc.
The same person is back after a year or so swearing that they are ready to commit now. They have had a terrible year healthwise, they have again tried every fad in a mag for a week with no results and they just can not understand how i manage to either stay in shape, make progress at the gym, stay healthy etc etc considering my many medical issues.... I MANAGE BECAUSE I WANT IT ENOUGH!
I  want to be able to work out like an elite athlete despite my MS and heartcondition. I want to be able to enjoy my body as a result of nurturing it with the right kind of nutrition. I want to be able to enjoy freedom of movement that results from doing all that - believe me once you have been paralysed you begin to appreciate that. I want to be able to live life to my fullest potential and i want to learn every single day, i want to feel fast and sharp of mind and body. 
When i sit across the table, for the umpteenth time, from the same man in his 40s, still 100 lbs overweight, still type 2 diabetic, bloated and red from systematic inflammation raging inside him. Still in pain, almost impotent, suffering physically and mentally. I want to first cry for him and then give him a good spanking. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!! Your life is passing you by. And the small step you need to take to realise your potential could have been taken a year ago. Why didn`t you want it enough?????? More than your own and your loved ones physical, mental and sexual wellbeing, happiness and longevity you wanted that beer on a vacation and that doughnut every day at the office. You made a choice. You have to live with it. I have to grieve for you.

Excuses are for those who dont want it bad enough. yes i saw that on facebook. And this one too:
"Nutrition, exercise, and stress management can no longer be considered alternative medicine. They are essential medicine.........Get Some." Jack Kruse, neurosurgeon


  1. Great statement. They just don't want it enough. I want to cry for them every time I look in their eyes and tell them that bread is not an essential nutrient and immediately their eyes start to glaze over.

  2. I'm not sure it's as cut and dry as "either you want it (bad enough) or you don't." I'm not saying that your ideology is wrong - I just think there may be more to it.

    There's a book that I'm about halfway through right now called "Change or Die." It's about the inability for people to truly change, even with the ultimatum either you change your lifestyle or you will die. Only like 5% of multiple heart attack victims make true lifestyle changes to improve their prognosis. Mind boggling.

    I would share what the resolution to Change or Die is, but I haven't gotten that far. Sorry. :)

    1. and in the wurburg cancer study some people literally chose death over ditching carbs. its still a choice - to change or not. everything one does without a gun to the temple is a personal choice. thats what it eventually boils down to. ofcourse you could argue about the addictive effect food (esp carbs) have on a homo sapiens brain... BUT it is still a choice. to acquire an addiction, to cave into the addiction. to take a chance. to take a risk. to knowingly accept that what you are doing to your own body/health is distructive and continue doing it. its. your. choice. lets just agree to disagree on this :)

  3. I am fascinated by Lauren's comment that only 5% of multiple heart attack victims make lifestyle changes. Why? My opinion is because they choose not to do so. But why do they make such a choice? Maybe the gratification of health and fitness isn't immediate enough. Maybe the threat of death isn't real to them. Maybe they are afraid of success, failure, or change in general. Maybe they feel powerless to change (excuse alert.) The answer probably varies from individual to individual an ultimately doesn't matter because they will do what they want to do.

    I believe it is cut and dry... All people do what they want to do and do NOT do what they DO NOT want to do. It really is that simple and to allow people any other excuse is to make them a victim.

    I woke up:

    I made different choices and I have to agree with Eva that they just don't want it bad enough, or they would.

    Also, I completely get that "glazed over" comment by malvs2walk. If someone asks me these days what my secret is and I can tell they really don't care about the answer, I just tell them, "Slim Fast."

    Great post! All the best...

    1. that is exactly what i meant with this post.

  4. I love this post and it is aimed straight at me. Im a bit overweight but still a sportsman in good condition. I have to be deadly honest. People are addicted to sugar and alot of junk they eat just out of custom and culture. My wife is suffering right now from a Thyroid that is over working and i tell her about this blog and other things on the net and youtube so she can change her eating habbits and get on board with me because i want real change with my American High Fructose Corn Syrup addiction. There have just been times when i would binge and for a week eat so much sweets all at the same time and lie to myself that, ok, i will start next week hard as hell, old school blah blah blah. I have often B.S.ssed myself and did not want to change what i put in my mouth and thats why i am overweight. I have been fasting now for 10 days feeling great and lost more weight. I have discovered Stevia and am using it and natural fruits like Dates and Figs to kill my sweet tooth. Its just a simple fact, when you put the right fuel in a machine, that machine will work to its best performance. Put the wrong fuel in and the machine breaks down. I am a sugar addict and i am honest with myself about it. I can eat things that will make the normal person sick and go into a diabetic coma! But i love sports,lifting weights, trainig hard and Bushido. Thats been my saving grace and why im not maybe type 1 or 2 diabetic like most of my relatives who are also dead by the way. My battle will continue. Lots of motivation from this blog!


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