Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An excellent chestworkout and sauerkraut stew

Yesterday was chest and triceps day at the gym. before that i had already done a bodypump class, so muscles were a bit fatigued.

benchpress 4x10 40kg
incline db press 3x10 16 kg dbs
flyes 3 x 15,12,10 11 kg dbs
peckdeck 3 x 15, 12, 12
pushups 3 x max
closegrip benchpress EZ bar 3 x 12 30 kg
french press 3 x 10 25 kg
cable pushdowns 3 x 12
planks for abs

Slowcooked a smoked porkleg for todays sauerkraut stew yesterday. Its so easy and so good.
All you need is a porkleg, smoked and slowcooked. Then let about 1 kg sauerkraut cook slowly with a bit of water, salt, honey, pepper and marjoran until done (1 hour), add sourcream (0,5 litres) and the readycooked meat. Let simmer for a while (15 min) and enjoy.
                                                    Here`s the porkleg :)


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