Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So here go`s

As of this day i`ll enroll myself in the school of blogging and join the evergrowing list of primal/paleo bloggers.
Today has been a typical day in my life. Training (HIIT spinning class) and eating (a pound of porkbelly, cucumbersalad and some berries with heavy cream) have been spot on. I`ve been primal for so long that its second nature. Nothing difficult. Its just me. I guess I was primal since birth with the only exeption of half a year bout of stupidness (veganism) in highschool. As i grew up in a membercountry of the Soviet Union my childhood was controversially blessed - freedom, nature, wholesome all organic food. But such a world was basically only enjoyable for a child - a strange  mix of childish ignorance, idealism and cruelty. Anyhow i have that partially to thank for being a healthy person. About 10 years ago i began slightly to move towards more lowcarb living, that being aided by my discovery of my celiacs. Soon after that i discovered EvFit, then MDA and here i am.

Anyhow, the theme for today - vegetarians. Tom Naughton from Fathead blog wrote a hilarious but so true post about the subject yesterday. I`ve lost the patience to preach years and years ago. For me it has been enough that I know what I`m doing. As a scientist it has been extremely important to have the real science behind me. The only people I have cared enough about to take the time and preach to haven`t needed that. Or then it has really been much more a discussion that a lecture - and a discussion usually ending with a aha-moment for the other party. Ok, so I might be bragging, but fellow primals must understand what I mean by that aha - the moment when you understand the logic and science behind primal is such a lightbulb.
So that is why I have always wondered about and been astonished at the resilience of the vegans/vegetarians I have met along the way. I guess the only other people as persistant that I have met are the Jehova`s witnesses...

What makes them tick? I mean I coudn`t give a rats a**e about what somebody that I dont know is eating - I mean it`s your body - do what you want with it. And nobody with half a brain living amongst the scientific information that is available today can pull the "meat is murder" or "eating meat is an ecological suicide" line with a straight face. I mean really - the circle of life, anybody? Or maybe they could explain to me how eating a piggy killed 10 km from me is less ecological that eating some tofu frankensaussage made whereverthehell these are made... Thanks Lierre Keith by the way for one of the best books I have read this past year.

Ok, rant of the day over. I mean people, get things into perspective, ok?

yep, thats me btw

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