Thursday, August 26, 2010

WOD and the joy of eating out...

So today started out well - got to the gym around 07.30 and had an excellent fasted workout (99,9 % of my workouts are)

5 min total body warmup
4x 12, 10 , 8, 8 squats (70 kg)
4x 12, 10 , 8, 8 ceadlift (60kg)
4x 12, 10 , 8, 8 lunges (60kg)
3x 8, 6, 5 pullups
3x 15, 13, 12 dips
4x 15 single arm backrows (21 kg db)
4x 15 back extensions (15kg plate)
4x max abs with 15 kg plate

After that I went to have my morning coffee and had a conversation about the fare we will have at the seminar today. I`m celiac and some other coworkers have other allergies. What we all had in common was that none of us had reported them for the menu. Why, you may wonder.. Well the muck the serve as glutenfree just makes me laugh (and gives a nice kick in the pancreas). Usually they serve glutenfree (GF for further reference) bread, GF pasta, rice, buckwheat or even quinoa and other shite like that. So I`m better off just cherrypicking my way through it. Well, at least I have enough experience with such affairs not to mind any more what others think about what i eat... I mean even the heavy cream in my coffee (I go through 0,5 l a day) used to be a discussion item... I guess I have the advantage of actually looking the part so I dont have to defend the way i eat or train to anybody anymore. and in my own mind i can take some stupid satisfaction from the knowledge that I know something they don`t.  I'll leave the advertising speach for the ears of my clients :)

                                           I'm a cool cat :)

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