Thursday, November 3, 2011

a personal note why it has been a while + some workout info

this has been one intense year but especially an intense couple of months in my personal universe. stuff has happened that i never imagined could happen to me, but i have survived and grown stronger. so i decided this is the time to make a comeback and get this blog rolling (once again).

during the past year i have experimented a lot in the gym - 5x5, negatives, kettelebells, pyramids, rest-pause etc etc + supplements, GH boosters, jack3d...
the latest inbody measurements showed a change in the desired direction - less bf% and more muscle. but what this litany just showed me is that i have been bored. no more. ive found a new drive. plus a new backbone literally. been to the kiropractor for a few times and my next appointment is actually in about 1 hour. so see you all soon as i promise, wont leave the blog hanging for another year. l

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