Thursday, November 10, 2011

the primal butt

so this pic came up in a discussion in a truly fab facebook group i belong to. nothing wrong with that whatsoever - everything right actually. what got me thinking were a couple of responses: one claimed that such a derriere would be impossible to attain at a certain age and the other claimed that no amount of squatting heavy has given her such results. id like to pick these two things appart.

lets start with weighttraining: your muscles will respond to training no matter your age or genetics. the usual problem with glute training is that there are a few very typical mistakes made which result in such problems as mentioned above.
if you want to train your glutes you need to:
use your glutes :
this is what happens typically - a woman comes to the gym, she is wellinformed in a way and gos heavy on her squats, deads and lunges. she feels like she is giving her all, but for some reason, she cant get her bum to respond. her quads grow and she might see a curve to her hams but the glutes just will not grow. whats up with that? the problem is that our glutes have evolved to perform a certain job:
as you already see, the jumping movements use mostly glutes and the sprinting motions are based on ham/glute activation. in order to maximise glute activation you need to: 1) use maximum range of motion (ROM) (asstothegrass), heelpush-technique and glutesqueeze in vertical (jumping) exercises 2) perform the hip hyperextension exercises with bent knees in order to lessen the hamstring domination and recruit maximum gluteal effort.


  1. Thanks for the breakdown, I am thinking about my movements at Crossfit now. Love the blog!

  2. thanks - glad to be of service ;)

  3. What facebook group was that?


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