Tuesday, November 8, 2011

women in fitness and the dumb blond effect

ok, im a feminist and im proud to be one. im also naturally blond and blue-eyed. in addition to that im a weightlifter, personal trainer, nutritionist and a scientist. hmmm, grounds for multiple controversies. theres a forum that i frequent once in a while to keep tabs on whats going on in the fitnessindustry of this country. in the past few years my visits to that site have dwindled as ive grown more impatient in general and more interested in my own peace of mind and harmony. but anyhoo...i stumbled upon the place again today and found myself witnessing an interesting phenomenon i have noticed basically everywhere recently - women get stupid when there is fitness/nutrition involved. period. (ok, ill gladly exclude the paleosphere and crossfitland out of this generalisation).

let me illustrate. all the questions asked and answered are by women. questions usually by beginners and answers usually by personal trainers/experienced fitnesschicks.

typical thread 1:
q - i have been working running and doing zumba for a year, and i use proteinshakes after each workout and carb up on wholewheat pasta prior to. i havent lost any weight at all, and i seeme to have gained an inch around my middle, whats going on?

a1 - recent studies have shown you need to drink your shake not only after but also DURING your workout to ensure protein synthesis - try scivation xtend for best results

a2 - dont worry about weightloss, you must be gaining muscle.


typical thread 2:

q - my thighs are getting soooo big, ive been squatting heavy now for 2 weeks, heeeelp!!!!

a1 - stop any weighttraining for legs NOW!

a2 - take up jogging and pilates


at the gym the other day: a nicely fit and muscular womanPT is training a client (woman in her 40s - very out of shape) and the conversation gos smth like this:

PT: so your goal is to come in once a week

woman: yes, i dont have more time, i jog twice a week

PT: ok then you should do long sets with high reps and small weights to tone up


and i have seen the same PT training a guy who was thinner than Michael Jackson and having him do bosuball single leg squats - yes, with dumbell biceps curls. she called it functional training. functional for what? i dont know any daily situation i might need to bicepcurl on a bosuball standing on one leg... oh ok, its functional because you use your CORE (she tried to educate me). i just told her i like my deads, heavy squats and overhead presses for that and kettlebellwork is nice for that too.

in the lockerroom of the same gym another day: 2 overweight girls are getting ready for spinning class and are downing 2 bananas each and washing them down with gatorade discussing their PT at the same time. he had explained the importance of nutrition so well - they previously had no idea how important pre-wo and post -wo nutrition really was. they were certain to get results now.

women are smart. we do well in school, continue to the university and make enough money to pay insane amounts to gyms and PTs. and then we dump common sense and our brains somewhere before entering that gym. these women do the same thing for years and years and expect different results just because they eat a banana before a workout instead of a bowl of cereal this time. and because now they do their onelegsquats with biceps curls on a bosu instead of a stabilisingboard.

i dont see many men doing that for some reason. why is that?

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  1. Men are just as stupid. They will look at Bodybuilding magazines and believe all the adds on supplements and the sample workouts the pros give. One the pros usually don't even use the supplements they endorse and they sure didn't get the muscle they have from the workout they gave. Supplement peddling is as bad as drug dealing. The real scam is that most supplements don't do anything but hurt the health of the one using them.


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