Wednesday, November 30, 2011


in the Helsinki Sanomat newspaper yesterday (a 5 x 5 cm small column somewhere on page gazillion - hey but its better than nothing): a socialwork official was outraged by what is going on and says that it is against the law to take away children on basis of nutritional preference unless there are serious health conditions involved.

the first thought that popped into my mind: so they dont think that morbidly obese toddlers are sick as theres been no cases for taking them away from their families yet (in this country`s media atleast).... i know i know... im just still mad.

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  1. Not exactly a toddler, but here's an obese 8-year-old in Ohio who was taken from his parents by child protective services:

    Obese Ohio Child Taken from Parents, Placed in Foster Care


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